Elliott Yancey, Founder (Producer)

As far as quirky backstories go, Elliott takes the cake.

Elliott, originally from New York City, has worked in a variety of industries including; the U.S. military, petroleum engineering, commercial airlines crew, executive recruitment, internet and technology sales management- the list goes on! Then on a chance move to Australia Elliott became acquainted with some key players in the film industry. I guess you could say the rest is history, but it isn't. Successful and confronted by filmmakers seeking a variety of resources for their projects, Elliott decided to see how he could collaborate with these filmmakers to bring about successful outcomes. Sounds risky on paper, but in practice it has paid off—since 2011, Elliott has developed the experience, momentum and reputation to bring together capable parties for productions whilst placing resources where his heart is.

Toil Films has a exciting slate of productions on the go to include Dustoff, Eight & Bob, Harlem 58 and Steel Walkers